NO TONGUES –Tracks of the world –

CREATION 2016 – Instrumental music and vocal traditions –

Debut-album release March, 3rd 2018
In partnership with l’Autre Distribution

DSC_2909no tongues

Alan Regardin – trumpet and objects

Ronan Courty – double bass and objetcs

Ronan Prual – double bass

Matthieu Prual – saxophons and bass-clarinet

Tracks of the world it’s four instrumentists of today’s music who exile themselves in an ancestral vocal repertoire coming from the disc « Voices of the world ». A funeral song with child-like sound, Fernand Bordage leading his oxen to the plowing in the Vendée swamp, two Inuit women playing a « kattajjaq » throat singing punctuated with laughter, a choir invoking spirits or recounting a founding myth, the last shaman Selk’nam of the Terra del Fuego grazing its litany of rock. These musics are a path in the imagination and the musical force created by humans as they evolve. It is a reintegration of modern time, which runs without anchoring and aimless, in a broad, humanizing and vital time. It is a dance with the past to illuminate the present and to join that which does not belong to the fleeting time, but to the existence. It is a working process based on orality, by the imitation of a model towards its translation and its integration into a personal aesthetic.

The tracks of the world on stage becomes a suite of pieces created from our selection within the original disc. Listening to the source songs is offered to the public in a varied way: sometimes before our version, sometimes during, by superposition and increase of our share. Explanations are given to the public in order to allow him to link our proposal to the context of original music, often carrying imagination and poetry.

– NO TONGUES is currently preparing a new creation for 2018 : « Les Voies de l’Oyapock ». The musicians will travel to French Guyana and meet the Ameridian peoples Teko and Wayampi. – 


The partners: music and dance in Loire Atlantique,

Le Nouveau Pavillon (Bouguenais), Le Lieu
Unique (Nantes), the Pannonica (Nantes), the house of arts (Saint Herblain) Vallet), the General Council of Loire Atlantique, the Pays de Loire region, SPEDIDAM.

LOGOS spedidam 2009

Full presentation document – No Tongues-2017


  • 2/08/16 – Les heures d’été, Douves du Château de Nantes.
  • 25/09/16 –  Festival Miniere Sonore – Oristano – Sardaigne.
  • 27/09/16 – Festival Spazio musica – Cagliari – Sardaigne.
  • 17/11/16 – Le Nouveau Pavillon, Bouguenais.
  • 5/01/17 – Showcase MDLA 44 – Le Nouveau Pavillon – Bouguenais.
  • 3/03/17 – Le Pannonica, Nantes.
  • 12/03/17 – Le Balka, Tours.
  • 17/03/17 – Théâtre Athanor, Guérande. (représentations scolaires)
  • 18/03/17 – Théâtre Athanor, Guérande.
  • 23/03/17 – Externat des enfants Nantais – (représentation scolaire)
  • 24/03/17 – Collège de Sainte Luce – (représentation scolaire)
  • 27/03/17 – Salle Renaissance – Donges – (représentation scolaire)
  • 28/03/17 –  Collège Jacques Brel – Guérande – (représentation scolaire)
  • 20/04/17 – Université de musique d’Istanbul – Turquie.
  • 11/05/17 – Cap Nort, Nort sur Erdre. (représentations scolaires)
  • 12/05/17  – Cap Nort, Nort sur Erdre.
  • 12/07/17 – Apéro Clams – Auray
  • 29/08/17 – Mimi Festival – Marseille
  • 03/09/17 –  Les Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre – Nantes
  • 08/10/17 – Festival Atlantique Jazz – La Grande Boutique (56)
  • 31/10/17 – Le Petit Faucheux – Tours (37)
  • 10/01/2018 – Région en Scène – Challans (85)
  • 17/02/2018 – ALBUM RELEASE PARTY – Le Mékano à Rezé (44)

NO TONGUES on France Musique


Interview of Matthieu Prual in TOHU BOHU